The CCPG serves as a voice for many individuals and families impacted by problem gambling disorder. As a result, CCPG plays an active role in ensuring that problem gambling is included as a factor in all debates around gambling and gambling expansion. We also seek to highlight and advocate for policies that will help prevent problem gambling and support those struggling with addiction.

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Advocacy Resources

The 2021 Connecticut General Assembly Regular Session will convene on January 6th and will adjourn on June 9th, 2021. There will likely be numerous bills regarding expanded legalized gambling on the agenda—everything from online lottery ticket sales to online sports betting.

The next few months will be important, as there will be an opportunity to make your voice heard on any proposed legislation. CCPG will provide information to help you get involved and get your message heard. We need to ensure that any expansion of gambling comes with funding and resources for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

How to Find/Contact Your Legislator

How A Bill Becomes A Law in Connecticut

Testifying at a Public Hearing

Sample Sports Betting Testimony:

Sample Sports Betting Testimony 2019


  • If you want to go to the Legislative Office Building in Hartford to testify, contact the committee if you have any questions about procedure. You will get three (3) minutes to testify, though your written testimony (which will be submitted into the record, indexed and posted online) can be as long as you would like. You will often be asked to bring multiple copies of your testimony to share with committee members and staff.
  • If you do not want to testify but still want to submit testimony, you can do so via email. Contact the committee for information on how to do so.
  • You can sign up for alerts on specific bills using the Connecticut General Assembly website.

If you have any questions or need electronic copies of these resources, please contact Paul at