Helpline and Chat

  • Calls/Chat are available for FREE, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Answered by trained helpline specialists

  • We provide support, resources & referrals to treatment and self-help groups for those struggling with gambling related problems and others impacted or concerned with another person’s gambling behavior

  • Chats/Calls are confidential and can be anonymous

  • Calls/Chats link visitors to local treatment providers who specialize in gambling disorder and gambling related issues

Frequently Asked Questions

If you or someone you care about are being adversely affected by gambling, then we can help. We can help with strategies to reduce harm if they choose to continue to gamble or to connect them with treatment and support options if they want to stop. Our team is experienced in gambling related issues and offers supportive and non-judgmental advice to help you.
  • History around the gambling behavior
  • How you heard about the helpline
  • Current emotional, financial, and other stressors
  • location to be referred to closest resources
  • Your safety

Your city/state is requested to connect you to local resources. Non-identifying demographic information (like your age, city of residence, ethnicity, gender, and, type of concern) is also collected to understand the individual needs and emerging trends.

If using our chat feature, you would like to remain anonymous you can choose the “chat anonymously” option. If on a call, you can just tell the helpline specialist that you are speaking with that you would like to remain anonymous. 

Your personal information will never be shared unless a specialist has reason to believe your life, or the life of someone else you identify, is in imminent danger